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Quick, easy, delicious. Soup Pop is a creation of many of my experiments to make the perfect product that embodies those qualities. As an engineer turned chef (Georgia Tech, Class of '11), I sought to serve professionals, adventurers, and travelers with a convenient food product that fits their lifestyles.

A busy professional, outdoor adventurer, and frequent traveler myself, I needed an easy way to fix a quick light meal to keep me going. More importantly, it had to be flavorful, clean (real food only), nutritious, and environmentally friendly.

In 2017, I began making a dehydrated vegetable soup mix that only needed hot water to prepare. After many trials and improvements along the way, the first Soup Pop went on sale in 2017. Later in winter of 2018, the first of a new line of plant-based protein soups were released at the Milwaukee Winter Farmer's Market to great fan fare. It would be individually packaged, compact, and good enough for a filling light meal.

Soup Pop only uses pure dehydrated vegetables, legumes, and all-natural spices in every soup package. We use less salt by incorporating more spices to create the unique flavors. Today, we are continuing to develop new and exciting flavors to add to our lineup. I invite you to try on of our soups to experience the product yourself.

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